Strongman training is a unique and challenging discipline that requires strength, power, and mental fortitude. To excel in strongman competitions or simply improve your overall strength, having the right equipment is crucial. In this guide, we will explore the essential tools and training gear every aspiring strongman should consider.

1. Atlas Stones

Atlas stones are iconic in strongman training. These massive stone spheres challenge your grip strength, core stability, and overall strength. Start with lighter stones and progressively increase the weight as your strength improves. Proper lifting techniques and training aids, such as tacky, should be used for maximum safety and performance.

2. Farmer’s Walk Handles

The farmer’s walk is a classic strongman exercise that targets your grip strength, forearms, and overall body stability. Investing in high-quality farmer’s walk handles will allow you to train this movement effectively. Look for handles with adjustable weights for progressive overload and ergonomic design to minimize hand fatigue.

3. Yoke

The yoke is a staple in strongman competitions, testing both your upper and lower body strength. It consists of a heavy frame with two uprights and a crossbar. Adjustable height and weight options are essential to accommodate different athletes. Training with a yoke enhances core stability, leg strength, and overall power.

4. Log Bar

The log bar is a cylindrical bar typically made from steel or other sturdy materials. It challenges your upper body strength, especially the shoulders, triceps, and back. The log bar’s unique shape makes it harder to grip and stabilize compared to regular barbells. Look for adjustable options to vary the weight and progressively increase the challenge.

5. Axle Bar

The axle bar is a thicker and heavier bar that mimics the traditional axle found in strongman competitions. Using an axle bar improves grip strength and forearm development due to its increased diameter. Seek an axle bar with rotating sleeves for smooth movement during exercises like cleans, presses, and deadlifts.

6. Tire

Training with a large truck tire provides a versatile platform for full-body exercises. Flipping and hitting the tire with a sledgehammer engage multiple muscle groups, enhancing strength, power, and conditioning. Opt for a tire that suits your fitness level and space availability, as larger tires offer more resistance but require more room for training.

7. Sandbags

Sandbags provide an unstable load that challenges your core stability and functional strength. They are versatile and can be used for various exercises such as squats, carries, and throws. Look for sandbags with reinforced handles and adjustable weight options to scale your training based on your fitness level.

8. Strongman Harness

A strongman harness is used for training events like sled pulls and drags. It distributes the load across your upper body, allowing you to develop strength and power in your legs, hips, and back. Select a harness that fits well and has durable attachments to withstand heavy loads.


Investing in the right equipment is crucial for a successful strongman training journey. Atlas stones, farmer’s walk handles, yokes, log bars, axle bars, tires, sandbags, and a strongman harness are essential tools to develop strength, power, and overall athletic performance. Start with the basics and gradually expand your collection as you progress. Remember to prioritize safety and proper technique to maximize your training results and unlock your full strongman potential.