Evidence Cohen Involved in Writing of the Fund Raiser Page Text

I’ve received a screen shot of a deleted comment on the The Fundable.com Help World Soccer Daily Page that has Nick Iannone apparently admitting that Steven Cohen wrote the first two edits of the text seen on the fund raising page.

Here once again in the text that Nick Iannone claims in the comment below Steven Cohen wrote:

We are the only football show in America, that we expressed an opinion and that people (Liverpool supporters group and Liverpool Football Club) have decided that they have the right to suppress freedom of expression, intimidate and bully 3rd party companies and suppress our ability to make a living.

It is time for the listeners of World Soccer Daily to start fighting back with their wallets and pocket books…if you value World Soccer Daily and the 7 years it has been on the air then it is time to fight back.

This is the United States of American and if these people were operating out of the Middle Easy we would call them terrorist…lets show them that we are not effected or intimidated by a bunch of thugs who are behaving like the Taliban.

This was posted in a comment thread on the WSD fund raiser page by niannonewsd on 06/02/09 at 7:11pm:

Sorry, I thought I did answer it, I attempted to post a response to someone asking me this, I guess it might not have gone through. Steven wrote both versions himself. I can’t take credit for either actually.

Here is the screen shot of the comment:

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Correct Editing Timeline for Fundable.com Page

Also, I have gotten verification on the number of edits to the fund raiser page. There were actually 5 iterations of the text on the page.

Original Text: Contained reference to Liverpool supporters and Liverpool FC.

First Edit: Reference to Liverpool supporters and the club removed.

Second Edit: Added the 5% donation to Hillsborough Justice Group claim.

Third Edit: Fixed the charity name to Hillsborough Justice Campaign.

Fourth Edit: Removed any mention of any money going to charity.