LFCNY Statement of Liverpool FC’s Condemnation of Steven Cohen

LFCNY Press Release

New York, Thursday 21st May 2009 – Today, Steve Cohen found himself condemned by Liverpool Football Club for his scurrilous lies and hatred peddled against Liverpool fans and the 96 dead at Hillsborough. In many respects, this was an unusual move by the Club as Liverpool usually prefers to let the families speak on Hillsborough-related matters. But when you are Steve Cohen, a merchant of hate who peddles lies and pain, people will queue up to condemn you.

The LFCNY is very pleased that Anfield has broken with tradition and condemned Cohen for his vile mutterings. The story of Cohen’s spewed hatred has broken this week in the UK and we have good reason to believe that Liverpool’s statement of against Cohen and his outright lies will not be the last.

The campaign run by the LFCNY and all the North American Branches will continued unabated until Steve Cohen no longer has any pulpit from which to insult, lie and cause pain for no other reason than notoriety and ratings. We want him gone from Fox and Sirius/XM. Gone. Off the air.

Steve Cohen exercised his right of free speech in lying about the 96, Hillsborough and Liverpool fans. Peddling hate for ratings he has caused tremendous pain. Liverpool Football Club exercised its right of free expression today in condemning Steve Cohen and the LFCNY and all the North American branches will exercise their free speech rights in continuing to tell everyone, every sponsor, every network, that Steve Cohen lies and laughs about his lying.

The LFCNY unreservedly applaud Liverpool Football Club for its support.

Conor Brennan,
Co-ordinator of the LFCNY boycott against Steve Cohen.

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